Great Print, From the Motherland


I moved to Belgium with a master in public administration from a great school in Georgia (USA), and I was looking forward to work for an international organization. In the beginning, looking at my resume, I thought it was going to be easy to find a job, but it came out really difficult. I encountered a lot of obstacles along the way and lost the hope to be able to work. 

One day, I asked myself: ‘ what can I do using my creative mind and my capacity to handcraft’ ? With 50euro in hand, I started customizing flip flops, headbands, and crocheting scarfs, ear-warmer with yarn. I was selling them during fairs and festivals to build more capital and develop the business. The day I sold my first flip flop, I was so happy and I knew it was the beginning of something major, as order were increasing. Then I started to look for ways to increase my products line. 

For many years I had suffered from dry skin and hair frizz, and after intensive research, silk always came back as a good alternative to alleviate those issues. I was not interested to get plain silk articles, so I knew I wanted to bring my personal touch to them. Our continent is full of amazing prints that I thought were going to be amazing on those different silk articles. So I decided to create a product line, pairing silk fabric with African print. It took me almost a year to work on the project and once it was set, I decided to put it in practice. 

I talked to my sister about the project, but she was reluctant ; I almost got discouraged but I continued because I had a vision. I started with samples to test and every tester was amazed by the product. Then, when I came back with reviews to my sister, she got encouraged to work with me. So after the sampling period was done, in January 2021, Nnenga was born.


I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. I was lucky enough to land a full time job shortly after. I’ve always been excited when there is a cultural day or any opportunity I have to represent my African culture. 

I got into African Fashion because of my big sister (Rosine); she knows the name of a lot of African Prints and the fascinating stories behind them. When she brought up the idea of starting a sleepwear line based on Silk African Prints, I was pretty skeptical. As a matter of fact, I was so negative about it that it even discouraged her at some point. 

Later on I decided to join her on this journey because not only I wanted to be supportive of her, but also this is a lifetime opportunity to showcase my culture, my land, my Africa.


The vision behind NnengaSilk is to elevate the beauty of African Print and give it its letter of nobility. 


Most African Prints represent a culture, a tradition, a country, a history/story, and even royalty lines; and we would like to share them to the whole word and have people explore the rich African continent through our collections.

So, we thought about creating a brand that allies amazing African Prints and luxurious fabric material.

Nnenga Mission